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Agility® IQ


NEVER SAY DYE. Heat Transfers Evolved.

Agility® IQ is the next evolution in heat transfer technology. The latest and most advanced product in the Agility® range, these specialised Avery Dennison heat transfers introduce a more intelligent approach for flawless embellishments and agile supply chains.

Agility® IQ defies dye leakage using intelligent dye-blocking technology to allow dye to pass right through it; maintaining the integrity of your design from edge-to-edge. Expedite lead times, conduct shorter product runs, and improve sustainability using top dyeing processes, without any unwanted dye migration.

Upgrading your apparel supply chain with Agility® IQ can result in less deadstock, less overproduction, less overheads, less waste, and can maximise garment sales. Choose the smarter way. Choose Agility® IQ.

Avery Dennison Agility® IQ Heat Transfers are:

  • Vibrant: Exhibiting a higher opacity and completely halo-free design, Agility® IQ has no adhesive shadow visible, leaving crisp and clean detail.
  • Versatile: Agility® IQ boasts an advanced adhesion system making it perfect for a broad range of fabrics, including Durable Water Repellent (DWR) materials.
  • Comfortable: Providing a silk-like garment drape makes Agility® IQ pertinent to both large and small embellishments and back neck labels.
  • Economical: Lower your manufacturing expenses by speeding production, minimising faulty stock wastage, and eliminating the cost of protective layers between fabrics.
  • Eco-friendly: Shorter production processes and less wastage cuts down on spent energy used in your manufacturing.
  • Durable: Wash Resistance up to 60˚C / 140˚F.

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