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United We Stand
Divided We Fall


London faces a challenge. Many of its disadvantaged young people feel forgotten, isolated and angry. Searching for direction, they often turn to the wrong places. Some join territorial gangs, making travelling around the city a risk. This sense of division means some turn to violence, driven by fear and self-protection.

We’re teaming up with Hackney Wick FC for the brilliant #ThinkOutsideTheBlox campaign. And together we’re helping young Londoners find a brighter future by uniting them through football, music and fashion. Three things that encapsulate London life at its best.

Hackney Wick FC

The ThinkOutsideTheBlox campaign is spearheaded by Hackney Wick FC; a community football club run by reformed gang member Bobby Kasanga. The club unites local young people and helps tackle gang influences. Staffed by volunteers, it achieves this through training, fitness and football matches. They also offer educational and employability training and mentoring.

“We engage those already involved in gangs, those on the brink of gang life and those who might not be aware of the associated risks”.
Bobby Kasanga, Founder, Hackney Wick FC

A Symbol of Hope

To celebrate the launch of the 2019 campaign, Hackney Wick FC will unveil their brand new kit. It’s been designed by the young people of The Wickers charity and the club itself.

Avery Dennison are proud to be producing all the embellishments for the kit, including the main crest transfer ‘The Wickers’. The ambition is for the Hackney Wick FC shirt and accompanying Avery Dennison badges to become the symbol of anti youth violence in London. Together they’ll embody the campaign’s ethos of unity and positivity.

Further Afield

And beyond East London, Avery Dennison will host a shirt design roadshow across the city. Young people will be able to design their own bespoke football apparel, and Avery Dennison will help bring these designs to life.

Local London influencers will help spread the #ThinkOutsideTheBlox message, and the roadshow will promote the 32 Borough Cup and United Voices Trophy. These community football tournaments aim to bring together Londoners from all areas. They’ll focus on football, education and workshopping solutions to the issues of gang and youth violence in London.

Hackney wick right image

“Young people will be able to design their own bespoke football apparel, and Avery Dennison will help bring these designs to life.”

Looking Forward

The ThinkOutsideTheBlox movement is a powerful, positive project. It offers disadvantaged and disaffected young Londoners a different path. Through grassroots games, Grime music and football fashion, the campaign shows young people a new way of thinking and living. One that looks forward, not over its shoulder in fear.

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