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Where Sport and
Style Team Up

Soccer is part of London life. The city is home to numerous teams from across the English leagues. And beyond these local clubs, Londoners share a love for the game, and the culture. That’s why we teamed up with Soho Warriors, a club built around London's creative community. And together we created an exclusive soccer and customization experience for the Russia 2018 World Cup.

Welcome to the International Clubhouse.

Soho Warriors

The Soho Warriors are an authentic voice in London soccer culture, on and off the pitch. They produce exhibitions, compete in worldwide tournaments and test sporting products for brands.

The club also works with leading sports, travel and fashion brands to create captivating content around soccer that breaks away from the normal commercial hype.

For this month-long event, we worked side-by-side with Soho Warriors to take turn a prime London gallery space into London’s most fashionable soccer hangout.

Soccer, Culture and Customization

Sitting in the heart of super-cool Shoreditch, the International Clubhouse was an exclusive invitation-only event where games were screened and kits were customized. It was a seamless blend of creative and soccer cultures.

At the 2018 launch, all guests had the chance to create their own personalized shirt, customized using bespoke patches made specifically for the event. Plus, we held customization sessions for VIP guests, with shirts, badges, names and numbers designed by Soho Warriors and made by Avery Dennison. And all while watching the world cup drama unfold live on the big screen.

Designed to Think Differently

The clubhouse design was inspired by soccer changing rooms and laboratories. Using Avery Dennison graphic materials, the overall look was striking. Big, block colours and bold geometric patterns gave the venue an added sense of style, with custom-designed window displays marking this out as a world cup venue with extra creative flair. Alongside the stylised shirts and World Cup fever, the clubhouse also hosted collaborations with various brands and events such as talks, music nights, exhibitions, takeovers and more.


“Using Avery Dennison graphic materials, the overall look was striking”

The Final Score

Short of being at the World Cup Final itself, the International Clubhouse was an exciting, exclusive experience for supporters of teams worldwide. A welcoming, well-designed space, it became a destination for London’s creative community.

People came from far and wide to customize their kits and cheer their team forward, united by their love for the game.




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